There are no spiritual problems and you are not a spiritual obstacle to be surpassed. So, you do not need to follow any path for happiness. Happiness is the path!

In order to understand the instantaneous awakening of Great Bliss and its playfulness as spacious passion, it is important to contextualize a little bit.

Religion and similar paths create a very big problem – call it original sin or simply ignorance – in order to sell big a solution. They usually create a profound dichotomy between profane and sacred, between real and imagined life. This always involve some later promise of salvation about which it is impossible to be sure about because it is invariably related to a period after death.

There are no spiritual problems and you are not a spiritual obstacle to be surpassed. So, you do not need to follow any path for happiness.
Happiness is the path!

This is totally inconsistent and, as past and present demonstrate to exhaustion, gives rise to a lot of real problems such as hypocrisy, bigotry, violence and fanaticism. The simplistic separation between “the good & the wicked” and the view that ordinary life and the world are impure all lead to separateness and neurosis, which by their side give rise to a lot of other problems. The so-called good side of religion does not compensate its pitfalls.

On the other facet of this coin, materialism has also widely failed to offer us more than mere nihilism, where humans end up practically in the same mass grave that religions lead to: human misery. The complete lack of meaning from a misinterpretation of reality and its open field of multiple meanings take us just to depression, anxiety, hysteria, the same place that made some thinkers take their own lives, in a complete incoherence to true philosophy.

It might be argued that personally defined meanings are the middle term among the excruciating cosmic tyranny of religion dogma and the total oblivion of modern philosophy. However, this is very imprecise, as meaning is a fluid collaborative activity that is neither objective nor subjective. Meaning is also not a mix of subjective and objective stances but something else entirely. A purely personal meaning can never be categorized as such because our beings have a lot of influences imposed from reality. A purely objective meaning would make impossible for differentiation to exist in cosmos and would reveal itself as a cosmic dictatorship where happiness would be impossible.

Reality as It Is

Fortunately, if one looks at reality with a naked eye, one sees that it is perfect. Not the kind of perfection that spoils our egocentrism, of course. Yet, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with existence. What we call suffering is nothing more than the challenges for us to grow. So, there are no spiritual, absolute problems, even though there are relative problems demanding the best from ourselves to be solved in everyday life.

Thus, practical problems exist indeed and what could be called Great Bliss is not a mushy state of alienation and numbness like being stoned and disconnected from reality in an evergreen stupid smile. The real problems we face are not existential troubles as the ones proposed by all religions. This sort of spiritual disturbance would require some type of magical fix. This is the brainwashing brought to us by religions. Notwithstanding, all of them propose solutions that cannot be really demonstrated.

From a starting point of a personalized creator that is said to be omnipotent and omniscient, a failed world is a complete nonsense. A creation full of sin could be expected by an undergrad intern programmer with poor skills, not from The All-Knowing, All-Powerful Divine Designer. So, either God would not exist or the situation is other than the one told by religions.. However, even doctrines that seem to treat this issue in a different fashion, commit the same mistake, in the end.

This error consists in treating the experiences we don’t like as a cosmic problem, meaning the world is wrong and should be renounced completely. This view is pervasive through almost all religions. Even when a religion or mystic/esoteric path seems to avoid this model, it ends up doing promises it cannot keep. As these paths base themselves in fixed objective meanings, they generate problems such as the illusions of certainty and understanding, as well as the fantasy of control and the delirium of being special.

Thereby, spiritual problems and purely objective meanings draw our energy and time into dealing with invented situations, leaving us with less resources to solve real problems. On the contrary, when you allow natural meditation to occur – then revealing clearly your true essence – the fruit of this brings so much disposition and wisdom that we spontaneously gets better at disentangling from the real challenges.

Accessing this state is not a future promise for the afterlife. It is a very achievable goal in this very lifetime and it goes beyond the extremes of meaning (or its absence) discussed above. It constitutes your being, so it is not an artificial creation made out of effort.


Doors of Great Bliss

Once you recognize the natural state, you see the pure brilliance of existence in three important perspectives:

– Ceaseless Change of everything is not a source of deep sadness. Instead, it is the playfulness of reality allowing renovation.

– Suffering is not a punishment, not even a lesson. It constitutes the opportunity to discover the motivation and the energy to act.

– Emptiness of all phenomena is not a terrifying void, it is just the open space where all potentiality can manifest spontaneously without obstruction.

That does not mean life is going to be perfect in the sense that all things will be the way we want them to be. That’s why we speak of Great Bliss to differentiate it from normal pleasure, as it is not a state of perpetual ecstasy, which would be stupid and dangerous, detached from reality and not compassionate.

Natural State is Spacious Passion

Space here addresses a condition of complete openness to reality as it is. There’s no pattern on how existence should be. It is a serene acceptance of things as they present themselves.

Passion is the warmful connection to all beings and situations, the ardor for comprehension and understanding. It is the desire for creative activity and kind intervention for the benefit of the whole picture.

Vast openness and pure desire together mean that you always do your best, not that you always do what you want. Not because there will be some spiritual prize for that or because or because a divine entity loves us.

The same regarding sensorial pleasures: while most of religions preach that the world is bad and pleasure is a sin to be avoided, those that embrace the pathless attitude of the natural state live enjoying the most out of pleasure – just without attachment to it.

By rediscovering your true nature, you realize that everything is sacred and that opinions about what is good or bad are relative, not absolute. Again, this does not mean that one can live only by one’s own measurement.

Therefore, what is presented here in are concepts and practices for you to reconnect, sustain and develop the presence of pristine awareness in your life, a state that is beyond the extremes of an eternal, fixed meaning of life and its complete absence.

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