One-on-one exclusive 90 min. sessions for guidance in meditation practice and in life.

Corporate Programs

Improve lives and enhance professional performance by starting a Wellness Program in-company with our help.

School Programs

Give your students a complete self development program, so not only their academic performance will be enhance, but they will find meaning and joy, amplifying the memories they retain from your educational institution.

Hospital Programs

–– For healthcare professionals to develop a set of tools to support adverse conditions and also to give more relief to their patients. Greatly enhance concentration and empathy.
–– For patients, as a supporting tool in the treatment of various pathologies and also for improving general condition.

We also give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Take the various applications of meditation and body-mind practices into your context by presenting practices and/or keynote speaking, panel discussions, seminars, debates and other formats. 

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